9 Reasons To Hire Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaners

Are you about to move out of a rented property or about to move into a property? Do you need to make sure you get all of your deposit back to your landlord? Or are you an owner yourself leading to attract new tenants to your a freshly vacating property.

In this article, we will share with you why the Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning services is the best choice for you that will guarantee you a full refund of your deposits and even clean a second time for FREE if you think that is needed.

Here are the most reasons why it is more efficient to use a professional end of tenancy cleaning company:


  1. You will have a top level experienced team:
    The 9 Advantages Of Hiring Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaners
    We’ve specialized in end of tenancy cleaning since 1999. We will vacuum dust, polish and hygienically clean bathrooms and kitchens using family and pet-friendly solutions. We pay the greatest attention to the smallest of the details leaving the property spot and clean.


  1. You will save you time while others do the job:
    You will save you time while others do the job
    The experienced team can make the job done in a few hours, instead you trying to do all the job on your own that might take you even weeks to finish. You will don’t need always to check whether everything is done because the team is entirely specialized to do this job and they know exactly what needs to be done to the highest standards.You just don’t neet to take part from the cleaning process, and all you need to do is to trust to their professionalism and leave everything on their hands.


  1. You will have your deposit 100% back:
    You will have your deposit 100% back
    With our end of tenancy cleaning, we will ensure that your holding deposits return to you in full. We give you fixed affordable prices with no extra for weekend or holiday appointments.


  1. You will have BONUSES:
    You will have BONUSES
    And that’s not all but you also include a thorough professional steam carpet cleaning for your carpet, and you get bonus prices off drugs alongside the end of tenancy cleaning. Our professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning service use the latest technology alongside cleaning solutions which are safe for children, pets and the environment thoroughly refreshing your soft furnishings.


  1. You will have professional gears:
    You will have professional gears:
    As a professional cleaning company that is dedicated to giving the top level cleaning services, we use only professional equipment that can do the work fast and efficiently. It is just not possible for people to rent such type of machines from the stores.


  1. You will make sure that all detergents will be at the top level and safe for you and the environment:
    You will make sure that all detergents will be at the top level and safe for you and the environment
    With over 50 detergents available to suit all types of fibers your carpets will be left looking and smelling great. Stain removal and Scotch Guard application ensures a


  1. Low prices:
    Low prices
    Compared to the other cleaning company in London, we guarantee you the best possible deal for you, to make sure that we can compete with the different prices that the other cleaning companies have.


  1. Comprehensive clean with minimal drying time.
    Comprehensive clean with minimal drying time
    Our flexible schedules even include same day emergency services for those stains you only notice once all the furniture has been moved.


  1. Last but not least you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we will stay until we completely finish the cleaning and that we will come back and clean again for FREE if you need us to.
    we will come back and clean again for FREE


With CleanDay London your deposit return is guaranteed. Remember that we are available to answer your calls 24/7 including during weekends and holidays. Let us help you with your end of tenancy cleaning today.

Call us right away at +44 7808 055087 or 020 3892 7619 and chat with our friendly operators or get an instant free quote.

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