After Party Cleaning in London

Enjoy your party and relax the next day while the cleaning superheroes take care of your place!

You are going to host a gathering and the entire family is meeting for a public holiday celebration, an anniversary, a birthday or another event… Or you might want to meet a few of your friends you haven't seen for a while and want to party with them, or maybe want to meet your partners and colleagues, or fellow students? You need a memorable party gathering that that will be delightful and remembered with a smile, and you don't want to take care for the mess after the event ? Then our After Party Cleaning service in South London is here for you!

After Party Cleaning in London

The effect from the after party can be very serious , for example, filthy and dirtied covers and recolored couches and upholstery. Seeing this chaos may give you extra stress and pressure. To soothe yourself from this, you can consolidate after-party cleaning service with other cleaning services, for example, carpet cleaning and/or upholstery cleaning. As a company that is one of the best in the cleaning industry, we absolutely guarantee that you will feel far better after our super ninjas clean all the mess from after-party.

A quick, productive and proficient service to meet your requirements.

Our expert cleaners are experienced with after party mess evacuation and our cleaning masters can give you some assistance subsequently furnishing you with relief after your party, family gathering or company celebration.

After Party Cleaning in London

Give yourself the time and energy and let our experts do the after party messy work for you, reestablishing your home or premises back to the original state.

Our company has done a various amount of after party cleaning trough the years. We know how imperative is to have your place perfectly cleaned  as fast and quickly as possible. And because we know that usually the majority of people do their parties at the weekends, we do work in the weekends at no extra charge in order to accommodate most after party cleans.

Our experts can follow a set detail specifications which may include the bellow or you can coordinate the cleaners on particular areas you might want them to focus on.

CleanDay London likewise offers after party cleaning for a corporate occasion, using experienced specialists.

We do both before and after event cleans in a wide variety of London's top venues.

We completely understand the need to meet tight deadlines and to work around customers and different suppliers.

Our cleaners come completely prepared in keen organization uniforms and have done their work at some of the top venues in London, including ExCeL London and Alexandra Palace.

After Party Cleaning Price

We can arrange a thorough cleaning of your home before and after an event, at a time convenient to you, seven days a week. We realize how important it is for this service to be carried out promptly therefore we do not charge extra for Saturdays and Sundays.
We require a minimum of 4 hours per visit at just £ 17.00 per hour.

*Depending on the condition of the property, please make sure you book enough hours, so all required tasks can be included.
Please Note: The client is responsible for providing the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. If you would like us to use our own professional cleaning products and equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, ladder, duster), we can do that for additional charge of £ 30.00.


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Those are the areas we pay extra attention:

  • deep clean of the bathroom and toilet
  • scrub and disinfect bathroom floors
  • empty all bins
  • thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces
  • clean outside of cupboards
  • clean inside/outside of oven
  • clean inside/outside of microwave
  • clean inside/outside of fridge
  • clean kitchen sink
  • clean windows and window boards
  • clean mirrors
  • vacuum and wash hard floors

You can be sure that of the filthy dishes and glasses will be washed, cleaned and set away in the cabinets. Everything will be back to the same spot where it is its place to be. The dust will be absolutely expelled. The toilets and the bathrooms will be sterilized and freshened up.

After Party Cleaning in London

Everything will be spotless and there will be an air of freshness…  As for you – you will be refreshed, relaxed and satisfied with yourself since you have made the best decision and you have the best after party cleaning services in London.

After Party Cleaning Price

min 4 hours per visit
*please make sure you book enough hours, so all required tasks can be included
£ 21 per hour
Cleaning equipment(if required)£ 30
Freezer defrosting(if required)£ 40





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