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During this past year, we all have witnessed the phenomenon of the global pandemic of Covid-19. This has made us all realize how big the importance of cleanliness is for our health and wellbeing. In these hard times, things like sanitizers, masks and gloves have become an everyday necessity for us. During the lockdowns, everyone has to spend almost all of their time in their home. For that reason, a clean and deeply sanitized home has become the safe space, in which we can thrive.

As a family company with many years of experience and catering to the needs of private and corporate clients, our customers’ and teams’ health and safety have always been of paramount importance. Thus, in light of the epidemiological situation with regards to COVID-19, we have implemented additional measurements to our existing regulations that our cleaning teams are following rigorously when performing our services.

What’s new?

End of tenancy cleaning

As always, our professional end of tenancy cleaning service ensures that the property is left in sparkling condition for new prospective occupants. Tenants can rest assured that they will receive their deposit in full at the end of their tenancy and landlords have the confidence that their property is in excellent condition and will present well during viewings.

When attending to perform an end of tenancy cleaning our cleaning teams strictly follow the government advice with regards to the COVID epidemic, minimizing contacts with tenants and landlords. The cleaners are instructed to keep social distance as much as possible at all times.

After builders cleaning

Has your property undergone some much needed refurbishment or you have simply redecorated your front room? Whatever the case is, builders and painters often leave the property in a mess and dust, requiring a much needed sparkle clean.

This is where we come to provide you with the deep clean that your property needs and leave it paint, dust and plaster free. Our professional team of cleaners are fully vetted, experienced and know exactly how to make your property shine again.

Whether your property will remain vacant or you will soon move in after all the building works, our teams follow the latest safety regulations with regards to the COVID-19 virus and will ensure that our visit is safe for you.

In addition to the measures above, we have also introduced a professional steam cleaning service, which includes steam cleaning of all the surfaces (except walls) in the property with a steam cleaning machine that heats up water at 150 degrees before generating steam onto the surface, thus sanitizing the surfaces up to 99.9%.

All surfaces are often touched during building works and need, thus we believe that this service is very useful during the COVID-19 epidemic as it can provide additional sanitizing of all surfaces that we often come in contact with and that can easily transfer microbes and viruses, e.g., door handles; kitchen worktops.

Professional carpet cleaning

One of our most frequently booked services is our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service. Our 7 Step Carpet and Upholstery cleaning program was created to ensure a thorough, healthy, eco friendly and completely safe cleaning process, and to provide you and your family with the cleanest and healthiest living environment possible. Our technicians use high quality professional Hot Water Extraction machines, which deeply disinfect and sanitize the material, leaving it fresh and completely clean. In these difficult times, we recommend that you book our professional carpet / upholstery cleaning service once every couple months, to ensure that you and your loved ones stay healthy and bacteria doesn’t inhabit your soft furniture and carpets.

Regular domestic cleaning

If you need a regular domestic cleaner every week or fortnight, you can trust that our trained, committed, fully vetted and insured staff will leave your property sparkling after every visit. Of course, due to the pandemic, we have introduced the practice of always wearing masks and gloves during our visits. We strictly maintain social distancing – if you are the property while the cleaners are visiting, they will make sure they begin with the rooms, which you are not currently using.

One-off cleaning service

Our one-off cleaning service is perfect, if you feel you need that extra deep clean for your home. Sometimes, regular everyday cleaning just doesn’t quite feel enough, even more so during the pandemic. We understand that now, more than ever, people put extreme value in a clean and bacteria-free living environment, which makes our deep cleaning service an ideal solution to your worries!

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