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Communal Area Cleaning Services by CleanDay London for shared entrances, communal staircases, shared halls, stairs and landings need regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh and clean. The cleaning of communal areas is the most under-estimated service provided by cleaning companies, where most fail to understand the quality needed, the care required and the thoroughness demanded when undertaking cleaning visits to these areas. All residents pay for this via their service charges and cleaning, hygiene and presentation really needs to be of an excellent standard at all times.

What is Communal Cleaning?

This service is designed for properties where there are groups of people living together and using communal facilities such as kitchens or washrooms with clients including residential homes and hostels. While each individual will take care of their own personal space, CleanDay London takes care of the communal spaces. First impressions count especially if you own a property on a development which has communal areas and you want to rent that property as either a holiday home or long term rental. Your property might be a palace inside but if the communal areas are not up to scratch that’s what potential clients first see and that’s what they remember. Cleanliness of communal areas is also very important even if you do not rent your property, because a badly maintained communal area reflects on your properties value and your living standards. In the past a quick sweep and mop of communal areas was sufficient, but these days new finishes and materials are being used on developments and these finishes and materials require correctly looking after else the development soon starts looking rundown and unloved. It is very important that even the areas which are not visible are cleaned to the highest degree and if these areas are cleaned correctly you can be assured that visible areas are cleaned correctly.

What does Communal Cleaning involve?

Maintaining clean communal areas can be a challenge.  Some residents take pride in the appearance of shared areas whereas others often don’t have time to clean or simply aren’t able to clean.  And let’s be honest, some people can’t be bothered with regular cleaning or don’t see it as their responsibility! Once a communal staircase or other communal area starts to look dirty and uncared for, people will take even less care so it’s important to keep on top of cleaning and maintain standards. CleanDay London  can provide a value for money solution with regular cleaning plans for communal areas.  We can include all cleaning equipment and cleaning materials in the price so no need to worry about storing equipment if you are not able to. Please contact CleanDay London, so that we can arrange a viewing and let you know the cost afterwards. We can only give a quote after we have viewed the property.

Our specialist teams will come into the home to dust, disinfect, clean hoover and polish areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms and communal living spaces such as receptions, hallways and stairways. We will also clean any staffrooms or spaces for those who work and stay in the property.

Please note that here at CleanDay we are flexible and we can attend anytime depending on your needs. We can attend once a month, fortnightly, weekly, everyday etc. It all depends on your preference. Our minimum charge per visit is £30 and our minimum frequency of visits is 1 time per 3 months. All of the services below are included, except the cleaning of any electric panels from the inside or any walls, of course if there aren’t any additional arrangements before that. If there are any carpeted areas, we can also professionally steam clean your carpeted areas on a preferable price. We provide all cleaning equipment and detergents. After the cleaning service our team members sign on a special schedule list and after that they take photos which we can provide you with after each service. This way we can ensure the quality of the clean. As a final guarantee one of our special team members inspects the property, so that we can check if the quality of the clean meets the desired standard. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the clean, please note that we offer a free re-cleaning service. CleanDay London will arrange a team of cleaners to come back and clean the missed areas during the last clean free of charge.

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Our comunnal cleaning service includes:

  • Sweep all communal – Stairs, corridors, walkways, paths, ramps and parking area
  • Wipe all communal doors to include frames and shuts
  • Wipe/dust (and if wooden polish) all stair hand rails
  • Clean external lift doors on every floor using stainless steel cleaner
  • Clean and polish interior of lift to include mirror
  • Sweep and mop interior of lift
  • Dust internal lights and light fittings
  • Dust external lights and light fittings
  • Dust every corner and ledges of communal areas removing all cobwebs
  • Clean windows (on the inside), where they can be easily accessed
  • Clean glass in doors
  • Clean all door metal push plates and handles
  • Pickup all litter within complex boundary (upon request)
  • Removal of weeds (upon request)
  • Mop all tiled areas

To sum up, if you are a landlord or a letting agent, a clean communal entrance can make the difference between quickly letting a property and having a property empty and as a result losing money.  First impressions count and future prospective tenants can easily be put off and quit if the see dirty communal areas even when a flat or apartment is spotlessly clean inside.  So having communal areas professionally cleaned is really effective and pleasing for your tenants and your business. Please contact CleanDay London, so we can help you out at or 02038927619!

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