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What you will learn:
1. Who we are and our end of tenancy package 
2. How you can save thousands from our End of Tenancy Cleaning
3. Why choosing us?
4. Before and After our End of Tenancy Cleaning
5. See your End of Tenancy Cleaning superheroes in action!
6. Price
7. A list of the services included in the package

Who we are and our end of tenancy package:

Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning in London
We give a 100% ensured end of tenancy cleaning solution for both landowners and tenants in South London. Our solutions are aimed for any property agency or private landowner searching for a fast turnaround or any tenant requiring a radiance clean to secure the return of their deposit. We are here to help both.

Our end of tenancy service follows after an extensive and comprehensive agenda hence all work is charged at a set rate that is concurred before the cleaning begins. You pay the concurred price regardless of how long it will take the cleaning process! As a cleaning company with precise attention to the details, we have turned into the South London end of tenancy cleaning choice for many private proprietors and business letting agents.

Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning in London2

We are:

  • Completely protected, ensured and guaranteed.
  • Utilize Reliable staff and motivated management experts.
  • All of our staff trained in basic Health and Safety.

We have:

  • A quality high exclusive standard requirement of services.
  • Bespoke site-specific quotations group, our costs are constantly competitive.
  • Personal investigations (police clearance) for all staff.

We are dedicated to providing al of our clients:

  • Spotless, clean, presentable dressed staff.
  • Method statements and risk assessments on each site.
  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).
  • Appraisals of all cleaning items and materials which we utilize.

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How you can save thousands from our End of Tenancy Cleaning

Why should you choose our professional cleaning experts instead of doing it by yourself?

Once your home is fully cleaned then what follows is that there will be made up a few professional check up to ensure that cleaning is done at the highest standard of the best quality.

The Check-ups are as follows:

  • The first is the owner
  • The second is the agency from which you rented it
  • Then it goes inverter check
  • And finally, the new tenants will check too.

We know that any one of them could jeopardize your deposit if there is something they don’t like; hence they will hire some other cleaners for which you should pay again. If this happens, then your cleaning budget will be twice higher and the time spend for the cleaning will be completely lost.

Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

When you order our professionals to clean your home, we will ensure that your money is spent reasonably and you will show the owner that the condition of the property is as new as before.

If you think you can handle the cleaning by yourself, we are telling you from our experience that one professional cleaning from our expert cleaners takes between 8-20 hours depending on the size of the property. And for a man with no experience, it will take twice in case you do it fast. In that way make sure that you endanger your deposit.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, everything in your home should be adequately taken care of, so it should be cleaned to the highest standard.

One-off Cleaning in London

As you may know, wooden surfaces such as doors, frame doors, and frame windows almost always have scratches or spots which are quite difficult to be cleaned if you do not know how and with what supplies you need to use in order to achieve perfect results. If you don’t clean them and you don’t hire a professional company to do it, this could make the dirt unable to clean and that could cost you a lot more money to hire painters to paint the doors and frames of the doors and windows so that they could look like a new. Hiring a professional cleaners to clean them will save you much trouble and money in a long turn.

The kitchen appliances also require your special attention. For example, to clean your oven, hood and, you need preparations and skills to achieve the highest standard. The kitchen cabinets should be cleaned from all the sides, from top to bottom, inside and outside and etc. The accumulated oil on them as a result of cooking could hamper and slows many people when they use them.

Regular Domestic Cleaning in London

Cleaning the refrigerator is probably one of the most annoying things for you, but hiring a professional company you can save all of this trouble.

Hiring our experts will save you all the trouble in the bathroom too. Making your bathroom look clean is not satisfactory for the checks ups, it must be actually clean! Taps, showers, and everything, which coincides water accumulates scale. It could seem easy to be removed, but when you try by yourself its actually pretty much different story.

Spring & Deep Cleaning in London

To satisfy the desire of examiners who will check up, there must be no trace of scale at all. If you want to achieve the highest quality cleaning results, this requires experienced cleaning team, time and strong detergents.

You should also spend a reasonable amount of time to clean the joints of the tiles, mirrors, and every other detail. The bathroom is always a challenge, but hiring our cleaning experts you will be surprised but the astonishing results and we will leave your bathroom as new as it was at the beginning.

Food & Beverage Establishments Cleaning in London

We will take care of all the things scattered throughout your home - switches lamps, door handles, tables, wardrobes, radiators, and whatnot – we will remove all the scratches, smudges or dust. We will make sure not to miss anything, from the smallest to the largest item in your property. By hiring our professional cleaning company you will not have to think about all these things because we will do all the work for you. We will make sure that you, the owner and the agency are satisfied and your deposit is not affected.

Spring and Deep Cleaning in London

Why choosing us?

  • Free Pre Treatment
  • We are always at your time
  • We use powerful Extraction Machines – Up to 120 Degrees
  • Quick Drying Time
  • Guaranteed 101% Customer Satisfaction (if not we are going to clean next time for free)
  • No Hidden Charges, Including Parking & Congestion
  • Short Notice is not a Problem
  • We use Eco-Friendly materials
  • Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers
  • Fully trustworthy Trained Carpet Cleaners
  • Hottest Prices in London
  • We give you Free, Without any Obligation Quotation – Online, Phone or in Person
  • 101% Safe Cleaning Solutions
  • We always Guarantee our Service

Before and After our Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

See your End of Tenancy Cleaning superheroes in action!

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End of Tenancy Pricing

Our professional End of Tenancy cleaning program offers guaranteed quality of service, which meets the high standards required by the industry. We apply the same level of professionalism and dedication regardless of the size of the project. From studio apartments to multi-unit residential buildings, we are flexible to deliver whatever level of cleaning you require to ensure the property is clean and inviting. Our End of Tenancy cleaning program is not just for rented properties. It also offers clients who are in the process of selling their home an easy way to get the maximum value. A thorough cleaning can add thousands of pounds to the sale price. The number of cleaners we send will depend on the size of the property and the difficulty of the work that has to be performed. We charge just £ 12.00 per hour per person. In addition to our general End of Tenancy cleaning program, CleanDay London Ltd. also provides Professional Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, available at the lowest rates in London.

 Here is a list of the services included in the Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning package:


  All rooms Cleaning of your Living room

 clean and wipe skirting boards dust picture frames clean and wash doors and the door frames, clean and polish the handle of the doors dust lamp shades clean and wipe light switches, remove fingerprints and dirt dust and wipe window blinds clean and polish picture rails and banisters clean around fireplace and radiators polish mirrors and glasses clean the windows (inside only) clean the window frames and window boards cleaning and polishing the exterior portion of all cupboards and drawers. (the interior of the cupboards will be cleaned without additional charge, provided that the client requests it) clean under furniture where possible vacuum and mop the floor (if not carpeted)

  Kitchen Kitchen Cleaning

clean inside and outside of all kitchen cupboards clean inside and outside of oven clean inside and outside of microwave wash inside and outside of dishwasher; clean inside and outside of fridge damp wipe all kitchen worktops defrost freezer clean hob/ grill sweep and wash hard surface floors de-scale and clean sink, damp wipe window ledges, skirting boards, door frames and radiators

  Microwaves Cleaning of microwave-oven

clean internal walls ,top and base clean and polish exterior clean and degrease plug and flex clean and remov glass tray clean interior glass door

  Toasters cleaning of a toaster

clean and degrease flex and lug clean and polish external body remove all crumbs

  Fridges & Freezers Cleaning of fridge

clean handle and exterior door clean rubber seal clean internal base and walls clean and remove food and shelves compartments freezer must be defroste and empty beforehand

  Ovens Cleaning of ovens

remove glass door and cleaned remove and degrease all cooker fitments interior de-greased

  Kettles Cleaning of Kettles

clean and degrease plug and flex clean and polishe exterior body clean and rinse interior

  Bathrooms BAthroom Cleaning

scrub and disinfect bathroom floors scrub and disinfect toilet clean and de- scale bath & showers, shower doors and tiles scrub and de-scale bathroom sinks wipe all worktops clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frames

  Bedrooms Cleaning your bedroom

vacuum and (mop if possible) clean mirrors; Remove litter remove cobwebs clean inside of windows dust and wash window ledges vacuum carpet edges clean inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes

  Living room Cleaning of your Living room

vacuum and mop (if possible) vacuum carpet edges clean mirrors polish table clean and polish all surfaces clean pictures wipe skirting boards and door frames remove cobwebs clean inside of windows dust and wash window ledges and window frames remove litter

  Hallway Cleaning your Lobby, Stairs and Landing Cleaning

vacuum and (mop if possible) vacuum carpet edges clean mirrors wipe skirting boards and door frames remove cobwebs

  All interior rooms Cleaning of interior rooms

dust and clean  all door frames dust  and clean  all skirting  boards dust  and clean  all picture rails dust  and clean  all light fittings dust  and clean  all wardrobe and cupboards dust  and polish all electrical sockets dust  and polish all hanging rails dust  and polish all mirrors and frames dust  and polish all audio visual equipment dust  and polish all free-standing furniture dust  and polish all doors, handles and locks dust  and polish all light switches mattresses vacuumed all rugs vacuumed, replace and moved armchair and sofas cushions vacuumed and removed window glass internal cleaned window frame internal cleaned flooring vacuumed and mopped walls and ceiling cobwebs removed and dusted

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The rates depend on the property details and are provided upon request.






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