How To Clean Your Plasma TV – 2021*

Are you wondering how to clean your plasma TV

Are you Searching for the top best fast and easy methods that can produce twice faster and twice efficient results? If you resonate with that, continue reading this article, because you will benefit a lot from it.

In case that you get fingerprints or tidy on your screen, you’ll need to wipe it off. Be that as it may, given the costly costs of plasma TVs, you should be mindful to treat it right.

“What materials to use when I want to clean my PC or TV screen” is a standout amongst the frequently asked questions the new proprietors. Utilizing the best possible cleaner and cleaning techniques will expand the life expectancy of the screen and utilizing the wrong items can significantly abbreviate that same life expectancy.

Additionally, plasma and LCD screen TVs require more care than old glass television screens, which could be cleaned with glass cleaner and a paper towel. LCD TV’s are made with a sort of plastic than can be effortlessly harmed by rough chemicals, scrubbers, and towels.

Here is the god news. We asked our experts to summarize the top-best practical and easy methods for plasma TV cleaning. Using these methods you will make your LCD TV dirt free, and enhance the clarity and contrast!


Here are the 5 fast and easy methods that will show you how to clean your plasma TV like an expert:


  1. The Dishwashing Soap Method

The Dishwashing Soap Method

– Mix two or three spoons of fluid dishwashing cleanser into a tepid spray bottle.

– Spray a bit of the fluid onto a microfiber fabric.

– Wipe down the plasma screen painstakingly and tenderly.


  1. Vacuum Cleaner Method

Vacuum Cleaner Method

–    Turn off the TV

–     Attach the hose connection to your vacuum cleaner.

–     Turn the vacuum cleaner on as low as it will go.

–      Tenderly start to clean the TV


  1. Microfiber Cloth Method

Microfiber Cloth Method

– Turn the TV off. You would prefer not to meddle with any pixels while they’re still firing, and powering off the TV will empower you to see soil, tidy, and grime better since you’re working with a dim surface.


– Find a microfiber fabric. These delicate, dry materials are a similar kind of fabric you would use to clean eyeglasses. They’re ideal for LCD screens since they don’t leave build up and keep the dirt in themselves and don’t spread it over the room.

– Wipe the screen. Utilize the microfiber material to tenderly wipe off any soil or grime.

  • Make sure not to press hard on the screen if the soil or grime does not quickly fall off. Just proceed onward to the following strategy beneath.
  • Do not utilize paper towels, bathroom tissue, or old shirts as your cleaning fabric. These materials are rougher than microfiber fabric and may scratch the screen and leave build up a deposit.


– Examine the screen. In case that it now looks clean, there may not be a need to wash it. On the off chance that you see splatters of dried fluid, developed dirt or other gunk, proceed onward to the strategy underneath to give your screen some additional sparkle.

– Clean the edge of the screen. The hard plastic edge is less delicate than the display itself. Utilize the microfiber fabric or a duster to wipe it off.



  1. Vinegar and Water Solution Method

Make sure to create a tender cleaning arrangement.

– Turn off the TV. Once more, you would prefer not to meddle with any pixels, and you need to have the capacity to see any flaws.

– Make a balanced mixture of vinegar and water. As a natural cleaning solution, vinegar will make your cleaning safer, and not only that but also it is a much cheaper option, that the other cleaners.

– Dab a microfiber fabric in the vinegar arrangement and delicately wipe the screen. In case that you need, apply delicate weight and rub spots that need additional cleaning in a roundabout movement.

  • Do not dump or splash the vinegar arrangement straightforwardly onto the TV screen. It could end up harming the screen for all time.
  • If you would want to purchase an LCD screen cleaning arrangement, they are accessible to buy at the PC stores.
  • Do not utilize cleaning arrangements that contain alkali, ethyl liquor, CH3 acetone or ethyl chloride. These chemicals can harm the screen by cleaning excessively much.


– Use one more microfiber fabric to wipe the screen dry. Permitting liquid to dry on the display could leave marks.

– Wash the casing of the display. In case that the hard plastic edge needs more than a tidying, plunge a paper towel in the vinegar arrangement and thoroughly clean it. Utilize one more towel to wipe it dry.



  1. Expelling Scratches from Flat Screen TVs

How To Clean Plasma TV

– Check your guarantee ticket. In case that you have a huge scratch that is secured by your guarantee, your best choice might be to trade the TV for another one. Continuing to attempt to repair the scratch yourself may bring on additional harm that is not secured by your guarantee.

– Use a scratch repair kit. This is the most secure technique for expelling a scratch from your screen. Repair units are accessible for buy where TVs are sold.

– Use petroleum jam. Coat a cotton ball in petroleum jam and spot it over the scratch.

– Use lacquer. Purchase clear lacquer and splash a little specifically over the scratch. Then Permit it to dry.

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