How to get ready for an end of tenancy cleaning – 2021*

How to get ready for an end of tenancy cleaning

Getting your house ready for an end of tenancy cleaning is crucial part of your tenancy agreement and in making sure that you get your deposit back in full. You might have already found your cleaning company that offered the most competitive quote and set everything up, however you need to be also aware of how to best prepare your property for the cleaning day. If the property is not property prepared than you risk that it is not fully cleaned and even require a re-clean. How so? Find our short guide in order to avoid such issues.

Check thoroughly your rental agreement

It is practice that the property that you have rented needs to be left in the same condition as when you have checked-in. Some agreements specifically mention that they require external window cleaning or professional carpet/upholstery clean, as such were done before you have moved in.

The tenancy agreement and the inventory report are where you will find more information on this. If you contract requires to have the areas above cleaned, then you need to specify this upon requesting the quote.

Arrangement of repairs

Many inventory reports state that certain areas are require to be repaired by you and you need to arrange this work, be it replacement of an item, installation – you will need to make sure that all of this is done before the cleaning session. Such works however often get messy, the builders more often than not do not clean property after their visit. Thus, if you have the repairs done after the cleaning visit, you will be unpleasantly surprised to receive a refusal for a re-cleaning session by the cleaning company.

If there is building works before the clean it is best that you notify your cleaning company in advance and make them aware, as such properties often require different equipment and detergents, as builders dust is not the same as home dust. This way you will save yourself some issues with the cleaners, your agent and you will also ensure that all required work is included in the price provided.

Personal belongings

This step is very important. Often tenants do not completely vacate the property before the cleaning session, resulting poor cleaning, as the cleaners cannot reach all areas/rooms etc due to clothes, plates, toiletries, shoes, food and other items being left laying around. These obstruct the cleaning as the cleaners need to clean inside all cupboards and drawers, wardrobes, cabinets and appliances. The property must be vacant and free from any personal belongings having only the furniture in place so that the new occupants can have it.


Many cleaning companies have a van, with which they carry all cleaning equipment and detergents, thus they will need a parking place. You need to organize parking in advance so that the cleaners can park and commence with the work as soon as possible. Whether you have a free parking space or not, it is best to arrange with the cleaning company who will cover the cost for the parking meter.

Arrangement of access

It is of crucial importance to arrange all access details with your cleaning company way in advance of the cleaning so you can make sure that all is clear on the day of the clean. Communicate clearly if the cleaners need to pick up the keys from your local estate agents’ branch, you have a security key box or you have placed the key under the green flower pot. All of this needs to be passed to the team so they will be no confusions regarding the access of the property. You also need to give instructions as to where to place the keys after the job is done – back in the office of your estate agent who has a branch down the road or in the post box. Whichever the case be sure to let the cleaning company know.

How to book an end of tenancy cleaning?

This can be done in few easy steps. You just need to contact us or call us for a free quote and we will take it from there.

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