How to make your house cleaning easier

The variety of different homes and establishments in London is huge and not all flats are alike. Despite that, every property requires to be cleaned, no matter what. One thing about the South West London area is that it is very busy, which makes house cleaning even more hectic. However, with the following tips, your life can be made cleaner and more enjoyable. If you still need house cleaning services, check our services page about it ( here ).

This first and very important thing to have in mind is that you need to schedule your time very well. Most companies are okay with the client staying in the property during the cleaning process, however not all of them are that accommodating. It is always good to plan everything a week or two before, to make sure that your company of choice will definitely have availability and time to schedule your visit.

One of the most common complaints people have in South East London is that their homes seem to be left dirty and dusty after a clean. To prevent this, make sure that you get your house cleaning done regularly. Proper maintenance of the cleanliness will ensure that there is no build up of dust and grime, making the results of each clean way more satisfying and obvious. Regular cleaning is most necessary if you have children or pets, or if you live in a large home. If daily cleaning is not ideal for your schedule, you should consider hiring a professional company to provide a weekly or fortnightly service, to help keep your home nice and tidy!

Another important aspect to consider is adequate cleaning equipment. A good, powerful vacuum cleaner with a long extension cord is essential to get all the debris and dust off of every single corner of your home. Always make sure that you are getting the proper vacuum for the type of job it will need to do – if you have pets, make sure that you get a machine with the proper attachments to remove hair! It is absolutely necessary to maintain your vacuum as per the instructions, in order to extend its’ life span as much as possible!

Cleaning is important, but you should always know where to put a stop. For instance, any wooden floors should be treated gently, and not scrubbed aggressively, in order to avoid scratching and ruining the material. Also, there may be old, vintage furniture in your home, which will need specific detergents, depending on the material and requirements. Each home has its’ own characteristics, meaning that different levels and methods of cleaning will be required.

If you live in a high traffic area (like near a main street or airport), you would need to access every little corner of your home with ease. Dust gets trapped everywhere, including the light fittings and other fixtures which may be high up and difficult to reach. Thus, a ladder is always a good thing to have, so you know you would always be able to use it and clean off all the debris, which might not be easily accessible otherwise.

Finally, a golden rule to follow is to never leave anything for the last minute. The best thing to do is organize a cleaning schedule, which fits your life style and home requirements, and stick to it. Never leave things half done, as you might find yourself stressing over them and wondering if you will be able to complete everything on time.

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