How to proper deep clean your oven

The oven is the heart of every kitchen, where many dishes and good memories with family are made. Your oven does a lot of work for you, in order for your favourite cookies or cakes to come out perfect. This is why it is important to show some extra attention to your oven from time to time, to keep it working at its best! The cleanliness of your oven is essential to the health and well being of your family. Cleaning the oven might not be your most favourite task, but if you do it regularly, you will find that it won’t take you much time or effort!

Do-it-yourself Oven cleaning


To get started, you will need a scourer, an oven cleaning detergent, sponges, some rubber gloves and an old tooth brush. Try to avoid detergents, which are very strong and chemically, as that can be a danger to your health. Before beginning with the cleaner, please make sure that the oven is turned OFF and is cool. Also, make sure that you have covered the burners . Wearing your rubber gloves, start to remove any leftover food, that might be in there.
Remove and soak all shelving in some soapy warm water. You can do this the night before, so the shelving can soak overnight for better results. Use the oven cleaner and sponge to clean the oven’s corners. For any tough stains, leave the detergent on for a few minutes, to soften the burnt food and grease. Before you rinse and dry the racks, make sure to scrub them well with the scourer. Always make sure that you get to every hard to reach corner of your oven. This is where the old tooth brush comes in handy! Remember to be careful with any electrical parts – do not get them wet!
Lastly, to clean the glass door, use the scourer and some detergent to remove any difficulty greasy stains. Wipe everything down thoroughly, and make sure you are not leaving behind any residue from the products.

Natural cleaners

Homemade or alternative cleaners, unlike the normal chemical ones, are much safer to use in your kitchen and home as a whole. Off-the-shelf cleaners release fumes, which are highly dangerous and hazardous to our overall health and well being. This is why we need to stay away from them, and use natural cleaning products instead, such as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar, as well as natural soaps, which work just as well!

The ”Self-cleaning” function

As many people are aware, some ovens have a ”Self-cleaning” function, which uses extremely high heat to incinerate leftover food particles and grease. While cleaning your oven by hand will give you a thorough clean, some people prefer the self-cleaning option. Do have in mind that it is still recommended for you to wipe away as much of the left over crumbs and grease before turning the self- cleaning function on. Also, you would have to wipe away the ashes, after the oven has cooled down. Even thought this is a convenient option for many, some people worry about the fumes that might be released, and any damages that might be caused, due to the high temperature. You don’t really want to leave your house, while your oven is heating up! Make sure you keep an eye on it, and be mindful of small children and pets.

Maintain regularly

In order to make cleaning your oven much easier, it is a good idea to clean up a little, after every time you use it. There are also many hacks that you can try with your oven, to make your life simpler, like using baking soda overnight to treat tough stains, or simply lining your bottom oven tray with foil, to catch any food that might fall.
If you are unsure how to approach oven cleaning, or you simply would prefer for someone else to do the task, it might be a good idea to get a professional cleaner to take care of the job for you. It will not only save you some precious time, but will ensure thorough and safe cleaning. CleanDay London is one of the leading cleaning companies in South London. We use eco-friendly detergents, safe for people and pets! Our oven cleaning service will leave it spotless and looking brand new!

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