101 Cleaning Hacks that will help you clean your house twice faster!

Are you tired to find the best cleaning hacks that will not only do twice the work but also will save you twice the time? Here at CleanDay London, our experts have summarized the biggest home-cleaning problems they meet and will share their hacks that will change your daily routine forever!

But before we jump into them let's first see some statistic: The average time parents spent cleaning in a lifetime is 2.2 years. That's a total of 311 hours a year, or 7-8 work weeks. Whal could you do with a little extra time?

GO OUTdate night (2)go for a walk(2)read a book(2)sleep(2)get healthy(2)

With these speed cleaning hacks YOU CAN clean your house In 1/2 the time. We will start with more broad and efficient rules and then will dive deep into categories. So, let's get started and show you how to speed clean your house like a pro.

Broad rules Icon

1.  Clean from top to bottom - Work from top to bottom so that dust end dirt particles fall to lower surfaces before you clean them.
top to bottom

2. Clean from left to right - Work from left to right to ensure that you don't accidently miss an area or mistakenly clean the same area twice.
one way

3. Minimize movement - Clean the outer walls first, and then focus on the furniture in the middle of the room.
Minimize movement

4. Never go over the same ground twice - Clean thoroughly the first time so that you only have to go over an area once.
same ground twice

5. Use the right tool - Move to a heavier or more efficient tool if you're having trouble reaching a comer or getting up a stain.
Use the right tool

6. Two hands are better than one -  Two hands are better than one -  You can Clean so much faster using both hands.
Two hands are better than one

7.  If it isn't dirty , don't clean it - Vertical surfaces do not collect and hold dust In the same way that horizontal surfaces do so skip them, and all similar areas, when possible.
 If it isn't dirty , don't clean it

8. Stay  organized -  Be more efficient through repetition - Keep your Cleaning produce and rags in their own places in your Cleaning caddy so that you can you can quickly find them when needed.
stay organized

9.  Be more efficient through repetition- Clean your home, in the same way, every time, creating routines that you can easily remember and follow.
Be more efficient through repetition-

10.   Dust first - Dustin first ensures that all particles falling from higher surfaces will be cleaned up at later stages In your Cleaning routine.
Dust first

11. Vacuum last - Vacuuming last ensures that all those nasty dust particles that fell to the floor while dusting down surfaces still get cleaned up.
Vacuum last





12. The easy wag to clean fan blades - Wrap a pillow case around a fan blade and gently wipe away the dust. If done correctly, all of the dust will get captured inside the pillow case and prevent any messy cleanup later.
The easy wag to clean fan blades

13. Effortlessly clean window blinds with an old sock - Put your hand in an old sock and wet the outside with equal parts water and vinegar. Then, wipe the dust away in between the blinds. You’ll clean 2 surfaces at once! Go go efficiency!
The easy wag to clean fan blades

14. Butter knife your air vents  - But not with butter! Wrap a damp towel around a butter knife and then run it through your air vents. You’ll be amazed and how easily it picks up dust!
Butter knife your air vents

15. Baseboard cleaning magic - Run a used dryer sheet along your baseboards to clean up dust. Plus, you get the added bonus that the anti-static properties of the dryer sheet may transfer to the baseboards and literally repel dust.
Baseboard cleaning magic



Bathroom icon

16. Clean toilet bowl stains with Coca-Cola - Pour coca-cola into a toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour. The acid in the drink will break down stains and make it easier to clean.
 Clean toilet bowl stains with Coca-Cola

17. Clean your showerhead with vinegar - Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, wrap it around your shower head and secure it with a rubber band. Let it soak for 1 hour. The vinegar will break down any hard water deposits in the spout and increase water flow.
 Clean your showerhead with vinegar

18. An easy way to clean your toilet? - Duct tape and vinegar will do all the magic to perfectly clean your toilet.
An easy way to clean your toilet?

19. Remove stains from faucets - One of the easiest way to remove stains from faucets is to use lemons to do the magic.
Remove stains from faucets

20. Clean the tub - Just use a few drops of antibacterial oils, baking soda mixed with water to create a paste to clean the tub with and one teaspoon of liquid soap.
Clean the tub




21. Effortlessly clean burn-stained pans - Fill the bottom of a burn-stained pan with water, and then add a cup of vinegar. Bring contents to a simmer, take the pan off heat and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir well. Empty the pan and scrub lightly. You’ll be amazed out how easily the burn stains come out!
clean burn-stained pans

22. Sanitize a disgusting sponge in 2 minutes - Microwave a wet sponge for 2 minutes to kill 99% of nasty germs.
Sanitize a disgusting sponge in 2 minutes

23. Blend your blender clean in seconds  - Fill a blender with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Blend for a few seconds. Dump, rinse with clean water and enjoy
Blend your blender clean in seconds

24. How to clean the silverware and make them look new? - Use the good old baking soda.
How to clean the silverware and make them look new

25. How to clean your grater? -  Grating raw chunks of potato would be enough to clean your grater.
How to clean your grater

26. Clean iron dishes - The only product which will do all the job is sea salt. Its perfect to clean the iron dishes.

27. Use lemons and Kosher salt - this combination will help you not only to easily clean your chopping board but also to not leave any chemicals. Use lemons and Kosher salt

28. Baking soda combined with Vinegar - this magic combination can be a great combo for cleaning your oven.
Baking soda combined with Vinegar

29. Clean the oven just for overnight - Put a dish loaded with 1/2 cup of ammonia  into a totally cold oven. Then live the fumes to work overnight and just wipe clean the next day. Easy as a peace of cake!
Clean the oven just for overnight





30. A new way to clean up vomit - Combine baking soda and warm water into a paste. Spread the paste onto the vomit and let it sit and dry overnight. In the morning, get out your favorite vacuum and clean it up.
A new way to clean up vomit

31. How to clean broken glass off the floor? - Take a piece of bread, press it on the glass and pick it up.
How to clean broken glass off the floor



Home icon

32. The good old baking soda -try to clean your sofa with the baking soda, and you'll be surprised with the end results. It turned out that it is a great solution for cleaning your sofa.
The good old baking soda

33. Scratches on the sofa -  You can get scratches and scuff easily out of your leather couches with shoe polish
scraches on sofa

34. Use a razor to expel paint from clothes - The razor is a great way to remove paint from your clothes!
Use a razor to expel paint from clothes

 36. Remove water rings from wooden surfaces - You can use just your hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and then revive them with olive oil. Try it - you'll be surprised!

37. Oil stains - Use baking soda to remove oil stains from the carpet.
oil stains

38. Clean stainless steel - A perfect way to clean stainless steel appliances with cream of tartar.
stainless steel

39. Clean greasy stains - Before you wash your clothes you can use chalk to clean greasy stains quickly.

40. How to clean your keyboard? - You can just use your old toothbrush to clean your keyboard easily. Just make sure that it's washed before you start.

41. How to clean cabinet doors? - Use vegetable oil and baking soda on and scrub with a toothbrush. This is absolutely enough to clean your cabinet doors.
cabinet odors

42.Remove nail polish from the carpet - Here is our secret: use microfiber cloth and a rubbing alcohol. This is all you need to remove nail polish from the carpet.
nal polish

43.The secret to remove hairs from the carpet? - Just use a squeegee!

44. How clean your curling iron? - Use steel wool to do it. It will perfectly do all the job.
curling iron

45. Clean the Coffee stains - The god old baking soda will do an amazing job here.

46. Grease Stains in Clothing - You can rub white chalk over the grease stain. The powerful absorbing qualities will amaze you.
Grease stains

47. Clean the Bathroom Exhaust Fans - We know that exhaust fans are a common cause of household fires. Just use canned air to blow dust and debris out could and we guarantee you that this will save your life.
bathroom fans

48. Hot to clean a glue gun? - Make sure that when while the gun is still hot when you do this. Just use a ball of aluminum foil to wipe off the nozzle without burning your fingers.

49. Remove spilled glitter - Just use play dough remove spilled glitter.

50. How to clean your makeup brushes? - Use baby shampoo and hang them to dry to avoid mold.
make up

51. How to clean oil stains off your garage floors? - Just use some Coca-Cola (Yes, this works perfectly well)
coca cola

52. How to clean your ear buds? - Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.
ear buds

53. How to clean your sneakers? - Toothpaste can be in great use to restore your old sneakers to glory.

54. How to remove the hair from Hair Brush? - This will make a tremendous difference! Just use shampoo or dish washing detergent to make the magic.
hair brush

55. How to clean the Charcoal Grill? - First, take a white onion and peel it, cut it in half, stab a fork into the small end of one-half. Then rub the onion back with the fork and forth over the grates of a hot grill. The onion will deglaze the grates.

56. How to remove Nail Polish from carpet?  - Pour on rubbing alcohol and gently rub with a microfiber cloth.
nail polish

57. How to remove lipstick stains from your clothes? - Start with hairspray. Spray some on the stop and let it set for 8-10 minutes, then dab with a damp washcloth, wait for a minute and then wash as normal.

58. How to clean the grimiest grout in your bathroom? - Use baking soda and bleach.

59. How to dry your shoes fast? - Use Crumpled paper to quick dry your shoes.
dry shoes

60. How to remove bathtub rings? - They can be removed by using salt and a cut grapefruit.

61. Microwave Cleaner - Put couple lemons in a glass dish with water then zap until the water starts to boil for a minute before opening. Wipe the gunk away with little effort.

62. How to remove dust from your lamps? - With lint rollers :)

63. How to remove dust from inaccessible places? - Use canned air to do the magic.
canned air

64. How to clean TVs, monitors, and other screens? - Coffee filters could do an amazing job here.
clean tv

65. How to bring Old dusty candles back to life? - One of the best ways is by rub them with stockings.

66. How to clean your iron? - It can be done by running it hot (without steam) over a foil (or peace of paper) covered with salt.

67. How to absorb the smells in a refrigerator? - Use newspaper, they will do the job.
refrigerator smells

78. How to prevent jar leakage? - Use coasters.
jar leakage

79. How to remove acrylic paint on clothing? - Just dab with some rubbing alcohol.

70. Q-tips are your spot-dusting secret weapon - Wet the end of a Q-tip with vinegar and dist all of those hard to reahc nooks and cranches. These are perfect for window tracks!

71. How the lemon could transform into lemon cleaner - Rorches,garage floors, Rust stains on patios and driveways are eyesores, and you don't need acid to remove them. Instead, you can just use a lemon. The acid in the lemon juice will evaporate the rust. To make it really easy just cut the lemon in half then squeeze the juice onto the stain and let it soak in for about 8 to 15 minutes. Then use the juice to scrub with a hard bristle brush for stains that have been on the concrete for weeks, months, or even  longer. Then use clean water to rinse off the lemon juice.
72. How to battle the bathroom mold? - To do it just use hydrogen peroxide in a trigger-spray bottle and mildew.Spray it on, and let it sit 2 to 4 minutes, and it will kill the fungus." You can use a fan when showering to keep mold from coming back.
bathroom mold

73. How to Defeat Mineral Deposits? - First, don't clean them with pads or bristle brushes, because you could scratch the faucet. Instead, use white vinegar. Pour some on a clean cloth and wipe the faucets.
mineral deposits

74. How to Keep Stainless-Steel Shining?  - Watermarks, smudges and fingerprints usualy are the real enemies of stainless-steel surfaces and sinks. Use mineral oil to beat them. This also helps to keep other items from sticking to the sink ( like toothpaste etc.).

75. What for you can use the Dryer Sheets?  - Actually, they can do a pure magic, even after they've been used in the dryer! You can tackle water spots on your shower doors,buff out water spots from your bathroom/kitchen fixtures and mirrors, and even get rid of that loathsome ring in the toilet!
dryer sheets

76. Hot to clean stove burners? - First, take them outside and place in a heavy garbage bag and add a splash of ammonia and seal up the bag. Now you just have to wait and give a day for the ammonia to do its magic, then cut open the bags in a ventilated space. Take them to your sink and watch the caked on grease just fall right off! You can use this trick for your BBQ grill grates and we can assure you that it works excellent!
stove burners

77. How to clean Oil? - With Oil! Just add a few drops of vegetable oil to paper towel, then wipe the oily surface and watch the oil disappear!

78. How to wash your toys in the washing machine? -  Pile  plastic ones up in a mesh bag and throw them in the washing machine on no-spin, then rinse!

79. How to make your microfiber couch look like new? - Well, rubbing alcohol is your answer! This technique word especially if your goal is to remove the evidence of pets and kids from your microfiber couch! Just use a spray bottle to cover your couch with rubbing alcohol, then use a clean white sponge to rub the couch. When the couch is dry, use a stiff scrubbing bristle brush to fluff up the fibers!
new coach

80.How to clean the dishwasher? - Fill a container with white vinegar and place it on the top rack of your dishwasher then run the machine on the hottest cycle. After you finish , sprinkle some baking soda along the floor of the dishwasher, and run it again on a short-hot cycle.

81. Use shower squeegee to clean rugs - You can run a dry squeegee across the rug in overlapping rows and then collect the clumps as they form and discard.

82. How to remove duster with packing tape? - This technique works especially if you want to remove dirt from fabric and crevices.
packing type
83.How to "mop" with your feet? - Lets face it, legs are typically stronger than arms and when we add force this will speed the process. Use equal parts of water and white vinegar, spritz the bottoms of a pair of thick, absorbent socks, and put them on. Start with the farthest corner and work toward the entryway to skate around the floor to pick up dust. You can also glide one foot across the baseboards.
feet mop

84. How to tackle marks on upholstery? - With a shaving cream! Just put a small dollop to a damp cloth. Dab this onto the spot for 30 minutes, then blot with a clean, damp cloth. If in your case remain any stain, reapply and let sit overnight.
mark on upholstery

85. How to fix for stained food storage containers in the sun? - Wash them in the sink with dish soap and warm water. Place the containers on a clean tea towel in the sun and let them sit for eight hours, and them rinse and let dry.
food containers

86. Use newspaper to soak up garbage spills - If you want to absorbs trash-bag leaks so you don't have to wash out the bin later, use newspaper! Place it at the bottom of your trash bin with a plastic bag underneath, so you can keep the paper from sticking to the can.

87. How to quickly clean your mattress? - With a spritz of vodka! When changing the sheets, spritz the mattress and pillows with vodka-filled spray bottle.

88. How to clean crayon marks on walls? - With toothpaste! Just scrub gently, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
crayon marks

89. How to make anything shiny? - Spray furniture polish! Give your your coffee table, dresser or your fridge some gold star treatment by doing practically nothing. Just don’t spray your floor, because you will probably fall and be angry at us.

90. How to save your toaster when cooking? - Just line your toaster tray with foil. Then you can toast anything without worrying that it will get dirty.

91. How to clean your cups and bows without doing absolutely nothing? - Just when you can, eat things out of their original containers and avoid using bows and cups.

92. How to clean your tub? - Use the good old liquid shower gel (but not soap) to avoid soap scum buildup in your tub.

93. How to clean your refrigerator without doing absolutely nothing? - Just use some plastic food wrap. When the time comes, rip out the liners and add new ones.
clean refrigerator

94. How to freshen up the room if it smells bad? - If you want to never light a scented candle again, just tape a dryer sheet over an air conditioner vent!
dryer sheet

95. Do you want your toilet brush pan never smell bad again and always keep it clean? - Just Always have a little cleaning product in the bottom of the toilet brush pan.

96. How to remove greasy fingerprints on the walls? - You can cover the stains with white chalk. After 3-4 minutes wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth. This technique works on clothes too!
stain fixer

97. How to speed up the drying time? - Throw one (or better two) dry clean towel in with wet clothes before starting the dryer. After 15 minutes, take it out. The dry towel will speed up drying time because it will absorb some of the excess moisture floating around.

98. How to Revitalize Leather Furniture? - With shoe polish! Buff worn the furniture and scrapes and scuffs will disappear.
leather furtinute

99. Have you heard about the new glass sparkler? - Spray  your glass with white vinegar and wipe with a paper towel.
glass sparcle

100. How to quickly fix your slow drains? -  Firs drop 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, then drop 1 cup distilled vinegar. After 8-12 minutes, rinse with boiling water.
slow drains

101. How to fix irregularly shaped bottles? - Fill the bottle with raw rice little dish washing soap and a little water and . After you cover the  top - shake.
irregulary shaped bottles

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