Professional Antiviral Disinfection

In the light of the current situation with COVID-19, it requires us to pay extra attention to disinfecting our homes and making sure that all surfaces and places are free from bacteria, viruses and other potentially harmful microbes that can affect our immune systems. While we are able to clean our homes with various detergents, not all of them are effective and some can even cause allergies that can affect our health. In such case, the usual domestic cleaning might not be good enough to properly disinfect your home. This can be achieved through professional steam cleaning, which has antiviral and antibacterial effect.

Hire a company providing professional cleaning service using steam cleaning. The steam is generated via a machine that will heat up pure water up to 150 degrees, which remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses from the surfaces.

The steam cleaning method is proven to be one of the most effective and non toxic ways to clean not only your carpeted floors or soft furnishings, but also the surfaces throughout your household.

It is very important the cleaning to be focused on the places in our home with the highest level of risk when it comes to exposing you to bacteria and viruses:

  • Floorings in our entire home
  • Bathrooms, toilets (e.g. the floor, the sink, the toilet bowl, the bath etc.)
  • Kitchen – the floor, the worktops
  • All Handles, switches, entry phones, doors and locks
  • Hard floors in your patio and balcony, which are exposed to the viruses outside

All of the areas above are exposed to all sorts of viruses and bacteria on a daily basis and require to be cleaned using a specific method, correct for the area(s) in question:

For instance, flooring in the house – it is recommended to first vacuum the area and then apply the steam cleaning. The steam cleaning will not only clean and refresh, but also disinfect the area removing dirt, grime, dust and all bacteria and viruses. Different steam cleaning equipment should be used on carpeted floors.

Our bathroom is another area that is exposed to various types of potentially harmful bacteria. The moist in there provides the perfect environment for viruses. In order to disinfect professionally the area – all dirt, lime scale and soap residue needs to be removed first and then all surfaces to be steam cleaned using a professional steam cleaner. The nozzle of the steam cleaning machine will manage to clean even the most hard to reach or stubborn areas like behind the toilet bowl, the sink, the grouting etc.

The kitchen is another area which is used daily and exposed to bacteria and viruses. The professional antiviral disinfection cleaning using steam is perfect solution for cleaning of the sink, your work surfaces, kitchen cabinets, tiles, flooring, mixers and taps. The steam will easily remove all the dirt and any impurities that have accumulated. As only pure water will be used for generating the steam you can be rest assured that the areas where your food is prepared is free from any chemicals and toxins.

This disinfection method can also be used for your kitchen appliances. The steam cleaning will remove stubborn stains and other impurities. By using a steam cleaning machine you can clean the stove tops and dirty ovens and then remove any burnt food. Afterwards you need to wipe the surface with a cloth and then repeat if necessary until the appliance is completely cleaned. This is a great method for cleaning inside the oven without using any chemicals.

The professional antiviral disinfection using the power of the steam is a cleaning method that can quickly and easily remove all the dirt and impurities without using many different detergents and chemical products, thus putting at risk the health of your respiratory system. It only uses the cleansing power of water and steam proving an excellent antiviral effect, giving you a piece of mind that your home is left sparkling clean and disinfected.

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