Regular Domestic Cleaning

Your place will look just like new in no time!

We are exceptionally glad to have the capacity to offer an astounding Regular Domestic Cleaning in London services for every one of you that basically don't have sufficient energy, time or simply would prefer not to clean their homes. House tidying, dusting, and cleaning can take up a ton of your time and is typically the exact last thing everybody wants to do.

Regular Domestic Cleaning in London

We realize that there are people whose days at work could be really hard and tiring. So the exact opposite thing you need to do is scrubbing your Toilet in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Our exceedingly reserved and requested House Cleaning Services is here for you to do careful, precise and thorough domestic cleaning.

Everything that we wind up moving to be cleaned amid our Domestic Cleaning Services will be taken care of with the Highest measure of care and consideration and will be put straight once again into its unique spot. Any Woodwork will be thoroughly cleaned with chemicals made for its sort to guarantee that no harm or any damage is brought on. When you return home it will look shiny and perfect and will smell wonderful with everything as it was left.


Our super ninjas of profoundly prepared house cleaners are benevolent, dependable and have been put through the best servant services and chemical utilization instructional classes available. They have all passed through those classes and have learnt the comprehension of utilization for each cleaning product that we utilize. So you can be certain that nothing will be harmed whilst your belongings are in our hands.

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Why our  Regular Domestic Cleaning Service?

  • All of your Floors will be Mopped  Vacuumed;
  • We will clean and polish All of your Skirting Boards, Doors and Door Frames, Windows and Window Frames ;
  • We will Wipe, Disinfect and Polish All of your Worktops, Tables, Sideboards and Cabinets if required;
  • We will Clean and/or Dust Any Mirrors,Picture Frames, Ornaments and the outer surfaces of Appliances such as Fridge/Freezer, Washing Machine etc;
  • We will Descale and clean Any Toilets, Bathtubs, Tiles and Showers with the correct Chemicals for the job;
  • We will clean absolutely thoroughly Any left over Washing up of Dishes and etc.;
  • If you request we can do Any Ironing that you require be done;
  • We will Wipe down and Dust All of your visible Pipework and Radiators;
  • We will Wipe down and Disinfect All of your Worktop appliances (including Microwaves, Toaster, Canisters, Kettles and Sinks);
  • We will Dust and Disinfect All of your Kitchen and Cabinet Cupboard doors ;
  • We will empty and Dispose of Correctly All the Rubbish bins .
  • We will remove any Cobwebs High and Low;

We also take a special care for your carpet with our Professional Carpet Cleaning service. As ensured certified cleaners of any floor coverings we will extract all stains,tidy and dust from your carpet leaving it absolutely flawlessly cleaned.

Client preferences and Pricing

Here is the best part: We offer these household cleaning services at an amazingly reasonable cost. We charge this service by the hour as opposed to a set cost. The reason is exceptionally straightforward - a few properties require a more extended measure of time to be cleaned than others. This doesn't mean we won't clean as quick as possible. We need it to be as meager a disturbance to your day as could reasonably be expected.

Our fundamental need as a cleaning company in London is to ensure that you - the client are totally fulfilled by each part of the home cleaning services. So to guarantee that you are 100% upbeat, once the clean is finished in the event that you for any reason think we could have made a much better cleaning, then just contact with us and we can talk about whether a re-clean is necessary. If so we will happily reschedule for our cleaners to come again and clean the disappointing areas FREE of charge. We trust this is improbable as our cleaners take such pride in their services to you. The are imperatively dedicated of doing the best services possible.

As it comes to our cleaning products, we utilize only Eco Friendly Cleaning Chemicals and Detergents. Each of our products is likewise 100% Safe for kids, pets, sensitivity or allergy sufferers. This is to guarantee that whether you're there when we clean or not that it is Safe from Fumes and Toxins.

 100% safe eco cleaning

As a company with growing Premium Cleaning reputation that spreads our domestic cleaning services in all areas of London - whether you're a Business proprietor or a Homeowner that doesn't have time to do house cleaning , we want you to be able to enjoy your Property or Business to its full potential and to give you all of our capacity to make sure that when you go back to your home, you will find it absolutely shiny and polished all from top to bottom.

It is obviously crucial to keep your property clean for great first and lasting impressions and considerably more Important for your Health. Sometimes Dust and Dirt particles can't be seen and they develop quickly when not cleaned frequently. This can bring about some genuine wellbeing issues, for example, breathing difficulties, weakening the immune system and et cetra. Homes with youngsters and pets can get messy a considerably faster. Potential risks are brought on for children and babies as mud, leaves and germs are dragged into your homes and onto your floors each and every day. We can Guarantee that all aspects of your home will be cleaned so that no dirt or dust is left behind, giving you the greatest cleanliness and security to you and your youngsters.

As a professional cleaning organization in London, we have made it really simple to contact and book us for our services, and we offer a FREE quoting services. So that we can talk about the hourly house cleaning rates and in the event that they are too high you don't need to book. You can likewise book us for a FREE Consultation in case you are uncertain or anything.


Ample amount of experience has thought us the fundamental truth for every service-oriented business – every client has unique needs and requirements. That is the main reason behind our multi-step initial approach.

First, we do a quick interview with you regarding your preferences and needs. Then we determine which of our services best fits your expectations. Finally, together we compile a list of the tasks and duties that need to be carried out in your home and we make a note of any hard-to-clean areas or items/valuables that require special care before we agree on a schedule and the hours needed to keep your home spotlessly clean.

You will get the same trained and fully insured member of our staff for every regular cleaning session (unless there are exceptional circumstances). Your cleaner will be aware of your specific requirements – they will know your home and the way you would like things done.

Regular Domestic Cleaning (min 3 hours per visit)              £ 18 weekly £ 19 fortnightly
Spring/Deep Cleaning*   £ 20 per hour
One-off Cleaning*            £ 20 per hour
After Party Cleaning*      £ 21 per hour
After Builders Cleaning*               upon request
Office Cleaning  upon request
Food & Beverage Establishments Cleaning Small - upon request (0-20 seats)   Mid-sized - upon request (21-50 seats)   Large - upon request (51-100 seats)
Cleaning of Fitness Centers, Schools, Daycare Facilities    upon request
Cleaning Equipment (if required)               £ 30
Freezer Defrosting (if required)   £ 40
Single Oven        £ 56
Double Oven      £ 70

We also recommend our professional Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning services at the lowest rates in London.

Please Note: The client is responsible for providing the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Price

Weekly£ 18 per hour
Fortnightly £ 19 per hour

Min 3 hours per visit.

*  The client is responsible for providing the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment.




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