Upholstery Cleaning in London

Keep fresh your fine upholstered furniture, curtains or mattresses.

In line with our goal to be a one-stop-shop cleaning company we offer Professional Upholstery cleaning, which will preserve and keep fresh your fine upholstered furniture, curtains or mattresses.

Upholstery Cleaning in London

We carefully inspect and test the fabrics that will be treated and we employ a combination of hand and machine cleaning to ensure the best results. The top quality detergents we use contain solutions formulated specifically to guaranty immaculate cleaning and in the same time be entirely safe for the occupants and the furniture itself. Whether it is durable synthetics or natural fabrics, we will make them look like new again!]

Most Important part amid the procedure of domestic cleaning is making the each and every furniture in your house absolutely clean. It's generally a smart idea to frequently clean your upholstery. Alternately, even better, you can simply call one of the main upholstery cleaning organizations in South London, CleanDay London, to come and clean for you.

Furniture is something we as a whole need and we as a whole spend a great amount of cash and time selecting the right pieces upholstered furniture. Knowing how to legitimately clean all the diverse sorts of upholstery is something that very few individuals know how to do. This is the reason our upholstery cleaning services experts have been completely prepared to know precisely what chemicals and what types of equipment are to be utilized on the correct fabrics.

Utilizing the wrong chemical or cleaning tool can harm your furniture. This is why it's generally a always a better idea to call a trustworthy Professional

Upholstery Cleaning company in London like us to come and deal with all your cleaning problems. We are prepared to manage all fabrics that one may come across, be it Cotton, Linen, Leather et cetera.

When we clean any of your delicate furniture - Chairs,  Sofas, Mattresses or Cushions we will Hoover and Steam Clean with a Professional Steamer and leave to dry. With fabrics, for example, cowhide will we play out a profound clean, and we will likewise utilize proficient conditioner and then we will polish. So that once we have completed it will be shiney and clean without that sticky feel you may have encontered with some cleaning products.

Dry upholstery cleaning professional service

Upholstery Cleaning in London

We can likewise offer you a Dry Upholstery Cleaning services for more Delicate fabrics. For this type of cleaning it is possible to may utilize a Professional cleaning Foam or a Special Carbonated cleaning item. Firstly we will give the upholstery a careful Vacuum to expel any Loose Dirt, Hair or Food Crumbs. We will likewise expel the pads if conceivable to guarantee the underside of the pad is Completely vacuumed also. We will then include the Cleaning Foam or Carbonated Cleaning Product and either rub Gently with a material or just leave to Fizz. The carbonation bubbles will fizz and this will help work out all of the deep Embedded dirt and  bring it  all back to the surface. When we are fulfilled by this progression we will then utilize a Powerful Vacuum to clear up any staying dirt and you will be left with a dry, clean, amazingly smelling sofa, mattress or couch.

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Trustworthy steam upholstery professional cleaning service in London

Upholstery Cleaning in London

Another choice that we give is a Deep Steam Clean, for this we will utilize our Powerful Pro Steam 2000 High Powered Steam Hot Water Extraction Machine with a particularly outlined cleaner Attachment Head for upholstery. This machine is the Best available and will dispose of all Smells, Stains, Kills 100% Bacteria. It will likewise take your upholstery back to an Amazing new Standart. This machine is truly amazing and will give the outcome results that you could never achieve by yourself.

We are dedicated to guarantee you the best results with our upholstery cleaning services. If for any reason we don't Provide you with the results that we Guaranteed, then we will cheerfully come back and re-clean your area for FREE off charge under the most favorable conditions for you.

We likewise offer a Scotchgard Service for all our Upholstery at an Additional Cost. Scotchgard is an Invisible Barrier to Protect your upholstery to give it a Longer life range. We Highly Recommend this additional service on the off chance that you need to get the best Results and watch over your Furniture. Scotchgard Protects from Stains and General Wear and Tear Strengthening your Furniture. It is also to an Extent is Water Resistant not Completely Protecting from Spills but rather it will most Definitely Prevent the Liquids from Soaking in and turning into a Permanent Deep Stain.

Obviously, upholstery cleaning isn't simply constrained to sucking up the dust from your lounge chair and rocker. Utilizing our expert cleaning gear, we will deliberately do a Thorough clean of all the furniture inside your home and Remove any dust, dirt or stains that we go over guaranteeing that your furniture looks and smells new once more. Our cleaning Professionals demand to Provide you with an upholstery cleaning services that shows 100% Care, Attention to Detail and Effort. That way you can feel Confident that Booking with CleanDay London was the Correct Choice and ideally need to Book us again and again. We hope that we Provide such a Trustworthy Service, to the point that you will be Comfortable Recommending us to any of your Friends and Family.

We think that likewise to be Noted that upholstery isn't simply discovered exclusively inside the house. At an exceptionally Reasonable cost we can likewise perfect and Disinfect your Car inside can get extremely dingy and for those families with youngsters as you probably are aware it can get extremely Messy Quickly. We give this cleaning administration giving you a Fresh, Clean and Healthy drive for you and your family.

We utilize eco-accommodating cleaning items just amid our upholstery cleaning London administration! Every one of them are alright for Pets and Children and are Suitable for hypersensitivity sufferers as well. Try not to dither to get in touch with us on the off chance that you need to add proficient floor covering cleaning to the upholstery as well.

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Why choosing us?

  • Free Pre Treatment
  • We are always at your time
  • We use powerful Extraction Machines – Up to 120 Degrees
  • Quick Drying Time
  • Guaranteed 101% Customer Satisfaction (if not we are going to clean next time for free)
  • No Hidden Charges, Including Parking & Congestion
  • Short Notice is not a Problem
  • We use Eco-Friendly materials
  • Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers
  • Fully trustworthy Trained Carpet Cleaners
  • Hottest Prices in London
  • We give you Free, Without any Obligation Quotation – Online, Phone or in Person
  • 101% Safe Cleaning Solutions
  • We always Guarantee our Service

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Upholstery Cleaning Rates and Price

Two seater sofa£50 (£25 per Seat)
Three seater sofa£75 (£25 per Seat)
Four seater sofa£100 (£25 per Seat)
Armchair£ 25
Dining chair£ 15  
Single mattress£ 35
Double mattress£ 45
King mattress£ 50
Pair of curtains – full length£ 60
Pair of curtains – half length£ 40
Blinds£ 20

Free Pre Treatment and Free Stain Removal.
Minimum charge of £65 applies for all upholstery cleaning services.


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