Your Ultimate Cleaning Kit To Clean Your Home

House cleaning is far easier when you have prepared all cleaning equipment and detergents that are essential for a clean home. Ideally the well-stocked cleaning kit contains limited number of items, but still has everything that you need to have your home sparkling clean. The vacuum cleaner, broom and mop are important part of the cleaning kit, however they are not part of the cleaning bag of tools that we will talk in the lines to follow.

So what are the essential tools that your cleaning kit must contain?

  1. Microfiber cloths

There is a reason why these are recommended by various cleaning experts. As the cloths are microfiber ones they have high level of absorbency and fine fibers. They are perfect for wiping, wet or dry surfaces and are usually used to clean the kitchen worktops and to dust the furniture.

  1. Scrubbing

Nothing works better than a scouring pad when it comes to some cleaning tasks. For example, when you clean your kitchen sink with a cloth, it might get cleaned well. But when you use a scouring pad the results are even better. These types of pads are perfect for the bathroom and the kitchen, where the surfaces often need some good scrubbing to remove all the grime. We recommend that you have at least 2 types of scouring pads in your cleaning kit – one that is abrasive and another that is non-abrasive.

  1. Sponge

Unlike the scouring pad, the sponge is more absorbent and softer. We recommend using a sponge if the cleaning task at hand requires more water than usual. You can use sponge for the washing of the windows, cleaning your gas hob and surfaces that can be easily scratched. It is important to purchase a good quality sponge so that it does not get ripped easily, like the cheaper ones.

  1. Multi-purpose brush

We recommend having a multi-purpose brush as part of your cleaning kit, so that you can clean various surfaces. You will need to have separate brushes for the spot cleaning of the floor and cleaning of the toilet, though. Some other areas that require the use of a brush are the carpets , tiles and bathroom worktops.

  1. Toothbrush
    Yes, most of us do not think of the toothbrush as a cleaning tool until we do not have to clean a hard to reach place in our home or some small areas, such as the grouting of the tiles. The reason why the toothbrush is included in our list is that we often overlook certain places and do not clean them, simply because they are hard to reach.
  2. All-purpose cleaning detergent

You can use this detergent on every surface in your home, hence the name. From dirt in the kitchen to stains on your living room furniture. What you need to supply yourself with is this detergent and a microfiber cloth, so you can clean quickly and effectively. Whether you buy one or you make your own solution, it is best that you have it in a spray bottle for convenient use.

  1. Cleaning detergent for glass

Some of us use certain type of cleaning products, others use homemade solutions instead. Regardless of what solution you have in hand, the glass cleaner is the most effective and quickest way to clean your windows , mirrors and glass surfaces. Usually one bottle lasts for a long period of time, as only a few sprays are needed to get a large area cleaned.

  1. Detergent for polishing of furniture

In the case you have any furniture made of wood that requires to be polished, we strongly recommend that you include a furniture polisher in your cleaning kit. The best way to maintain your furniture is to use such type of polisher so that you have a shiny wooden surfaces in a good condition. All you need to do is to simply wipe the surface and polish it.

  1. Floor detergent

It’s great that you have a mop and a bucket in your cleaning kit, but what you need to also include is a floor cleaner. No matter if you use it on a daily basis or for a thorough cleaning, it is good idea to keep this product at hand so you can spot clean a stain on the floor, for example. When it comes to hard wooden floors though you need to use the proper product  so you do not damage their surface.

  1. Antibacterial wipes

Despite the popular opinion that most cleaning products kill germs, this is not the case. By using antibacterial wipes you can rest assured that you do not need to supply your kit with more clothes or yet another cleaning product. Furthermore to avoid transferring of bacteria from one surface to another it is best that you use these single-use wipes.

Having checked all items from the list above, your cleaning kit is complete! All you need to do is to make sure that you keep the kit well-stocked and replace your cleaning tools as needed.

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