9 Amazing Hacks On How To Clean Your Dirty White Shoes

Are you searching for the top-best Hacks On How To Clean White Shoes so you can use them again and again?

We all know that white shoes can be susceptible to all kinds of dirt, scratches, dents, scuff marks, and other types of damages; especially in areas with soil land. So let’s face it, it is really hard not to get your white shoes dirty, so they are just supposed to become dirty pretty quickly.

In this article, we are going to show you some amazingly easy methods that you can implement right now just the way we think is the most effective.

With these hacks, you can clean your shoes twice faster and save twice the time for normal cleaning. Depending on the fabric, there are different ways to get the shoes bright again. We have summarized the most effective methods for every kind of shoe so make sure that you implement the one that fits your shoes.

Follow our steps and let the magic happen!


Here are our nine strategies on How to clean white shoes step-by-step.


Here are the items you will need [depends on which method you choose]

  • Some old Newspapers
  • Gloves
  • Soft cotton fabrics or clothes
  • Soft shoe brush (optional)
  • Smooth leather shoe cleaner
  • Leather conditioner for smooth leather shoes
  • Shoe clean, or a clean shoe option
  • Leather defender (a waterproofing item)
  • Laundry Cleanser
  • 50%/70% rubbing alcohol



  • Rags or garments utilized that come as a part in contact with the shoe polish ought to be quickly disposed of.
  • Commercial shoe shines can contain conceivably hazardous chemicals. Indeed, even those items that claim to be free of chemicals ordinarily don’t list their ingredients, so it is hard to know for sure.
  • Don’t attempt to utilize shoe polish to change the shade of your shoes. In case that you require to alter the color of your shoe, consult a shoe repair shop.



Strategy 1: How To Clean Rubber Shoes


– Use a piece of fabric. Wash the fabric with a liberal measure of cleanser. Rub the cleanser everywhere throughout the white part of the shoes.
How To Clean Rubber Shoes

– Use a stiff brush and brush everywhere throughout the cleanser covered parts.
How To Clean Rubber Shoes

– Wash the cleanser off with a well-cleaned fabric.


Strategy 2: How To Clean Shoes With Soaps


– Use a fine material to expel distinct earth and clean from the surface of the shoe.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Remove the laces.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Rinse the shoes with warm, but not hot water. Do this within and outside of the shoes.

– Prepare a mixture of warm water and a ‘natural cleanser.’ Conventional soaps for cleaning shoes include sand cleanser, dishwashing fluid, and hand cleanser.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Use a fine brush and clean all aspects of the shoe with the detergent blend. Try not to clean too hard, or you could harm the surface of the leather.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

  • Remove scrape marks with a nylon supported brush, or hold up until the conditioner is connected.


– Rinse the shoes in warm water once more, inside and out.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Stuff your shoes with paper towels. The paper will retain the water and make the drying procedure go quicker.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

  • Replace the paper when it gets waterlogged.
  • Do not utilize daily journal as the dark ink can run and destroy your shoes.
  • Stuffing your shoes with paper additionally, helps them hold their shape as they dry.


– Allow your shoes to trickle dry.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps


Strategy 3: How To Clean Shoes With Commercial Products


Shoe cleaners come in gels, froths, showers, fluids and creams. You can likewise utilize calfskin cleaning items intended for automobile seats.

– Put your shoes and all materials on top of a few layers of daily paper before you start.

– Remove any laces.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps


– Use a pre-cleanser. The Pre-cleanser is useful if your cowhide shoes have a considerable measure of old polish development.

– Use a fine shoe brush to rub the shoe cleaner into any cracks and creases.
How To Clean Rubber Shoes

– Based on the container guidelines, remove the cleaner.



Strategy 4: How To Polish your shoes


A crucial step in shoe cleaning is to shine your shoes. Astounding leather shoes ought to be polished at any rate once every month.


– Choose the right clean and shading for your sort of shoe.
How To Polish your shoes

  • If you wish you can utilize various polishes: white for the white parts and dark for the dark.


– Choose one of the four essential types of shoe clean: waxes, glues, liquids, and creams.
How To Polish your shoes

  • Creams and adhesives add dampness to your shoe by splashing into the leather as they work. Since they enter the surface of the leather, creams and glues cover scratches and different blemishes. Creams and adhesives function admirably on a broad range of gleaming or smooth leathers.
  • Wax shoe shines are useful for shielding from the components, yet don’t treat the real leather of your shoes.
  • Liquid shoe clean is simple to apply, yet like wax does not infiltrate or condition the leather.
  • Shoe clean glue is the longest enduring, yet is exceptionally muddled and slow to work with. Shoe shine cream is an excellent compromise and is accessible in bunches of shades.


– Polish your smooth leather shoes.

  • Apply the polish to just a little region of the shoe to ensure that the shading matches.
  • Rub the polish into the shoe with a delicate and clean fabric.
  • Apply the polish in little, roundabout movements.
  • Be beyond any doubt to get much polish on any defects.
  • Leave some time for the polish to dry.
  • Shine your shoes by buffing them with a delicate fabric or brush made mainly to shine shoes.



Strategy 5:   How To Clean Athletic Shoes


– Create a blend of water and a neutral cleaner. Dishwashing Cleanser works admirably.
How To Clean Athletic Shoes

– Take off the laces. Flush the shoes with water both inside and out.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Grab a delicate tipped brush. Plunge it into your cleaning blend and scour it over all parts of the shoes.
How To Clean Rubber Shoes

– Remove any scrape marks with a nylon scour cushion. For other choices, a toothbrush or wipe functions admirably as well.

– Rinse the shoes all around for a second time. Along with this, you will make sure that you got the greater part of the earth and grime off.
How To Clean Shoes With Soaps

– Stuff the shoes with paper and give them a chance to dry overnight. This will help them to ingest abundance water and keep their common shape. Try not to utilize daily paper or magazine pictures because the ink will get into the shoes.

– Wash the laces in a heap of laundry. Permit the inserts to dry out.

– Use the white cream polish to the white leather parts.
How To Clean Athletic Shoes




Strategy 6: How To Clean Suede Shoes


– Brush out any soil. Utilize a softened suede cleaning brush to brush everything off delicately. Make a point to brush in a similar course and don’t backpedal and forward.
How To Clean Suede Shoes

  • For stubborn soil denote that won’t get off with a brush, utilize a pencil eraser.


– Remove scrape marks. The softened suede brush can now be utilized as a part of a forward and backward movement to removed scraped regions.

  • For zones that don’t react to the brush, take a stab at scratching the territory with a blade to lift the nap.


– Remove water stains. To evacuate the water that can influence stained suede, apply a light layer of water with a nail brush. Utilize a wipe or go for dry material to soak the water and afterward let the shoes dry overnight.
How To Clean Suede Shoes

  • Insert a shoe tree or daily paper into the show while it dries. This will help it hold its shape.


– Protect your suede. Splash a layer of suede defender spray on your shoes after every cleaning. Ensure that the abundance soil is expelled before doing this.
How To Clean Suede Shoes


Strategy 7: Machine Washing
How To Clean White Shoes


– Get off the laces and whatever other removable parts.

– Use the warm, but not boiling, cycle.

– Add some general cleanser.

– Let the shoes air dry overnight.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Do not utilize the dryer. This will either soften your shoes, crush your dryer, or both.
  • Even if the shoe is machine launderable, multiple washes can separate the adhesive that keeps the shoe together.


Strategy 8: How To Condition Your Shoes


Molding your leather shoes will mollify and saturate the leather, and shield it from drying out and breaking.

– Use a leather conditioner particularly made for smooth leathers. Try not to utilize a cleaner and conditioner in one product.
How To Condition Your Shoes


– Use a “natural” conditioner that assimilates into the material. Try not to utilize an unnatural conditioner.

  • Choose a conditioner that is an indistinguishable shading from your shoe. In case that you see scratches or different defects, pick a shoe conditioner in a shade one shade lighter than the shade of your shoe.


– Condition your shoes

  • Rub a little measure of conditioner into the shoe utilizing a clean cloth or utensil.,
  • Cover the whole shoe with conditioner.
  • Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Wipe the shoes free of any additional conditioner.


Strategy 9: Folk Remedies


– Westley’ s Bleche-Wite whitewall/black wall tire cleaner. This is accounted for by some to be a magnificent leather shoe cleaner.

  • Use a clean brush and flush the shoe with water.
  • Use a spotless material to rub in the tire cleaner.
  • Rinse.
  • Grease recolors on leather can be treated with this technique.


– Toothpaste. This is utilized by numerous individuals to clean their leather shoes.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Put a spot of toothpaste on a washcloth or old toothbrush.
  • Gently rub the stains with the toothpaste.
  • Rinse


– Petroleum jam. This is accounted for by some to be a decent cleaner and defender for leather shoes.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Apply jam to a smooth, clean, lint-free fabric.
  • Rub in a jam utilizing a roundabout movement. Give the shoes a chance to rest.
  • Wipe off the jam utilizing a perfectly clean material.


– WD40. This is utilized by some to clean and secure their leather work shoes.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Remove any undeniable direct, mud or different garbage.
  • Spray the shoes with WD40.
  • Gently buff utilizing a build up free fabric.


– Furniture polish. Furniture wax is utilized by some to keep their leather shoes in great condition. This may not be the best answer for white shoes, but rather in case that you can discover white furniture polish, it might work.
How To Clean White Shoes


  • Clean the grimy shoes with a household cleaner.
  • Spray the polish daintily over the shoe.
  • Wipe away any overabundance wax with a perfectly clean material. The polish support seals in dampness, so leather shoes do not dry out and break.


– Olive or walnut oil. These two oils may likewise spotless and secure smooth leather.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Test the oil in an unnoticeable spot (like the tongue of the shoe) to guarantee shading speed.
  • Work a little into shoe utilizing a delicate fabric.
  • Polish with a delicate cotton fabric.


– Lemon juice. This is utilized to expel consistent soil spots from leather:

  • Mix 1 section lemon juice and 1 section cream of tartar.
  • Work the glue into the spot with a delicate fabric.
  • Let it sit for a couple of hours, if necessary. Return after and apply somewhat more glue.


– Vinegar and oil blend. This keeps the leather supple.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Mix 1 section white vinegar and two sections linseed oil.
  • Pour the arrangement into a jar with a lid.
  • Shake strongly and apply to the leather with a delicate material.
  • Let it sit for 12 hours and buff. On the off chance that the material begins to soil, make certain to change it regularly.


– VO5 hair molding gel. This is likewise proclaimed to be a decent leather cleaner.
How To Clean White Shoes

  • Remove the vast majority of the visible dust dirt with a wet fabric or brush.
  • Rub a touch of gel over the surface and wipe with a delicate material to a sparkle.


– Magic Eraser. For white canvas sneakers.
How To Clean White Shoes

– For leather shoes/sneakers, a blend of blanch, dish cleanser and warm water.




  • There are numerous products available for cleaning leather shoes. Any leather cleaner, be it for coats or auto seats, will likewise clean your leather shoes.
  • When expelling spots from leather, dependably test any wiping technique on an out-of-the-way spot first.
  • The next time you purchase a couple of leather shoes, condition them before even wearing them. This will guarantee that your shoes are best shielded from the begin and will spare time on future cleanings.
  • Leather ought to be kept out of direct daylight.



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